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Cryptocurrencies and
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Extra funds

FOREX and CFD TRADING HOURS (GMT time zone, please note DST may apply) Monday – Friday: 22:05 – 21:50
CRYPTO TRADING HOURS 7 days a week 24 hours a day

* The table shows dynamic spreads during the trading day. Please note that during the news, during times of political uncertainty, unforeseen events leading to volatile market conditions, and at the end of the business day when liquidity becomes lower, spreads may widen. In volatile and illiquid market conditions, our liquidity providers quote interbank spreads slightly higher than those in stable market conditions.

** When you move an open order on the next trading day, you pay or dial an amount calculated based on the difference in interest rates of the two currencies in the currency pair. Conversion to the deposit currency occurs automatically in the trading terminal. The Swap is calculated at 03.00 GMT 5 days a week.

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About Forex Trading

The company invites you to trade with the lowest spreads and lowest swaps in the forex market. The most popular and liquid trading tools are available to you so that you can reach your 100 per cent trading potential. You can open accounts in currencies and cryptocurrencies and exchange your funds between accounts at market rates.

What is Forex?

Forex- is trading currency pairs in the foreign exchange market, forex for short. This definition describes the market for currency exchange in a global decentralized market where bidders can be individuals, legal companies and financial institutions. They trade among themselves different currency pairs at floating rates.

What spreads do you offer?

We offer market spreads corresponding to the conditions and liquidity of the interbank market. Low spreads from 0.00001 pips on the accounts of PRO and VIP. On the Start account, spreads start from 0.0001 pips. You can read more about trading accounts on the Accounts Details page.

Do you have Swap-free Islamic Accounts?

The company offers swap-free accounts. To disable SWAP charging, you need to go to the account settings in the Trading terminal. In this case, when trading, a commission for opening orders will be charged.

Do you have a commission when trading?

You can trade Forex and precious metals without any commissions. The commission is charged only for SWAP-free accounts when trading Forex ECN, CFD and energy trading instruments.

Where do prices come from?

AZA uses the liquidity of the interbank market, which includes quotations of the 7 largest international banks.

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