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Trade Investor System (TIS)

How forex PAMM accounts work.

Are you looking for a cutting-edge investment system? Our latest system allows you to become a trader and earn profits from trading with investment funds. Alternatively, you can become an investor and increase your capital by investing in other traders.

You can even do both at the same time! As an investor, you can invest in one or a group of traders, and your investment profit will grow in proportion to your contribution.

As a trader, you can trade on your trading account and receive a percentage of the profits you bring to investors.

Our system includes a convenient accounting system that ensures maximum efficiency for traders and maximum profit for investors, while minimizing the risk of deception. Try our investment system today and take control of your financial future!

How to become an investor

Are you interested in becoming an investor? It's easy! Simply log in to the trading terminal and go to the "Investments" subsection in your Personal area.

From there, select the "Traders Rating" tab and choose which Live account you'd like to invest in. As an investor, you have the freedom to select the trader you want to invest in based on their profitability, total investments from other investors, and other parameters.

Your profit as an investor grows in proportion to the trader's account, and you can rest assured that your profit is based solely on the percentage of capital gain for the investment period, regardless of the size of the trader's deposit.

For example, if you invest 10,000 USD in a trader and they increase their deposit by 70% to 17,000 USD, you can expect to receive 3,500 USD in profit (assuming a 50% commission on the trader's profit). Your total funds in the account will then be 13,500 USD. It's that simple! Start investing today and watch your capital grow.

Investing Steps

Looking for a simple and convenient way to invest your funds? Our platform offers a range of options to suit your needs. Here's how it works:

It's that simple! Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, our platform makes it easy to invest in the right trader and start earning passive income today.

How to become an managing trader

Are you interested in becoming a managing trader and earning profits from investors' funds? Here's how to get started:

Once you're set up, investors can connect to you and invest their funds. You'll receive not only a profit from your own funds but also a percentage of the profit earned from investors' funds in your account.

However, keep in mind that investors may have less confidence in demo accounts compared to Live accounts, which can affect the amount of investment. For the best results, we recommend opening a Live account with a deposit over 100 USD to increase your earning potential.

Please note that demo accounts cannot be used as PAMM accounts.

Ready to start managing investors' funds and earning profits? Get started today by following these simple steps!

Risk management

Your investment strategy can involve investing in both successful and unprofitable traders, provided that they have already passed the stage of losses. Even if a trader is currently experiencing losses, you can still make a profit. Often, losses occur due to market corrections, and once the price has reversed, you can reinvest in the trader who has a good track record during news events.

Rest assured that your funds are always under your control. If you see that a trader is losing money and decide to stop working with them, you can easily withdraw your investment.


What balance must be to become an investor?

To become an investor, your trading account balance must be over 100 USD.

How is profit divided with several investors?


The trader opens an account and makes a deposit of 100 USD - this is his initial investment. Each of the three investors made a transfer of 100 USD. The total balance on the trader's account becomes 400 USD.
Regardless of the results of trading, whether the trader makes a profit or loss, each of the investors, including the trader, has the right to 25 % of the account funds.
The trader closes the order and earns 200 USD. Now he has 600 USD on his account. Since the share of each is 25 %, now each of them has 150 USD.
The trader and investors can be calm since all calculations are done by the trading terminal with mathematical precision.

Let's say one of the investors decided to withdraw a profit of 50 USD and leaves 100 USD on the account.
The program then recalculates the percentage of each investor.
If earlier everyone owned 150 USD, now three have 50 USD, and one has 100 USD. The total account balance remains at 550 USD.
After recalculation, three investors will have 27.27 % each, and one 18.18 %.
Thus, any trader can invest money in a trader at any time and withdraw money at any time. Immediately, the program will automatically change all current orders that have been placed on the interbank market.
If the trader later increases the account balance to 950 USD, then the interest will not change, which means that the share of three will be 250 USD each, and one has 200 USD.

That is why we consider our PAMM system to be the best on the market.

When can I detach my investment?

You can detach your investment at any time. If the investment period has not expired, then you will need to pay a penalty for the early detachment of the investment. To detach an investment without a penalty, just wait until the investment expires. You can do this on Saturday at 01 UTC after the end of the investment period. If you have not detached investments at the end of the term specified by the trader, then they are automatically invested for a new term with the same period.

How to become a managing trader?

To do this, simply register your account in the MT 7 trading platform, make a deposit of more than 100 USD.

Do I need to turn on the terminal to participate in investment trading?

Other brokers who use the outdated Metatrader 4 terminal to copy a transaction to your account must always keep the gadget turned on.
We have created a modern system in which transactions are made directly on the server and therefore there is no need to keep the Mobius Trader 7 terminal on all the time.

How much do I pay for the right to invest?

You only pay a percentage of the commission to the trader. You do not pay anything to the AZA broker, we only earn the spread from the trader's orders.

What happens if a trader takes a loss?

In this case, you will also receive a loss proportional to your share of the account.

Do I pay the trader his percentage if he got a loss?

No, in this case, you do not pay the trader anything, but if you paid the trader before, then these payments will not be refunded, even if the trader suffered a loss.

What can I do to get more investment?

The best way is to make a profit. Also, a good way would be to invest in your account on your own so that investors can see that the amount on the account is large.
You can create your website or topic on any forum and write about your trading and investment methods.

How can I be sure that the trader is not a beginner?

First of all, look at the profit and the size of the investment. If a trader trades on the market using his capital, then he is trading quite carefully. Choose a trader with a long history.

Does it make sense to invest in a losing trader?

Sometimes a trader's success comes in waves. When studying his order history, you can see that he earned a profit for several months, then lost money for some time. In this case, it might make sense to invest in it at the end of the expected period of failure.

When will a trader be able to withdraw funds?

The trader can disconnect any investment and receive his percentage of the profit. If a trader invests in himself, then he can do any actions with his investments.

Do investors receive a message if a trader withdraws funds?

The trader can disconnect the investments of all or individual investors. He can also unload with his investments. You will only receive a message if something happens to your investment.

Can a trader create fake profit?

All trading takes place with real funds. The trader will not be able to manipulate the results of his trading.

The PAMM (percentage distribution management module) is an investment service that allows investors to earn money from trading without trading themselves and allows managers to receive additional income for managing client funds.

The manager opens a live account by allocating a certain amount of their initial investment as the manager's capital. This amount cannot be withdrawn, serving as an incentive for the manager to trade carefully. The manager then creates a proposal outlining the conditions for investors, including the percentage of profits they will pay him as a bonus.

Investors can browse PAMM account ratings to find an account to invest in. The manager can then make trades on the account using both their capital and the investors' funds.

Profits and losses on the account are divided between the manager and investors based on their share in the account.

PAMM Partnership Program

A PAMM trader can enhance the development of their PAMM account by partnering with others.

One way is to partner with a referral partner who helps attract new investors to the account and is paid a percentage of the manager's remuneration for each new client they refer.

Another partner can provide support in areas such as analysis, marketing, and advertising, and is paid a fixed percentage of the total investment manager's remuneration.

Any client can participate in PAMM Affiliate Programs after registration and agree with the manager on the percentage that will be paid to their partners.

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