About Rebate

AZA offer to return a part of trading expenses to you.

Get an AZA Rebate up to 30 % of the Spread on closed orders or 50 USD for every 1M USD you traded every calendar month.

You can easily earn extra money from the trade you make.

Rebate Benefits

How to get a rebate

1. Open any Live trading account in MT 7 terminal.

2. After register, you will receive by e-mail the Login details for the Client Portal.

3. Create a Request in the Client Portal for Rebate.

4. Make a Deposit over 100 USD and make orders on this trading account.

5. The Volume of your closed orders must be over 100,000 USD (or 1 standard Lot) per calendar month.

6. If the conditions are met, then you will receive Extra money on business days at the beginning of the month.

Rebate Terms

1. Closed orders on a trading account with Rebate cannot participate in the calculation of Affiliate commissions.

2. You can choose Rebate from Spread or 1M. After the first accruals, the type of Rebate on this trading account will not be changed.

3. If the trade volume is less than 100,000 USD (or 1 standard Lot), then the Rebate for this calendar month will not be credited.

4. The total amount of Rebate cannot be more than 30% of the difference between total deposits and withdrawals from all trading accounts of one client.

5. The difference between all deposits and withdrawals on this account must be more than 100 USD for Rebate to be credited.

6. Rebates will be credited only to closed orders longer than 5 minutes from the moment of opening to closing the order, and the profit or loss is equal to or greater than the spread for this trading instrument.

7. Hedging for Rebate between trading accounts is prohibited. In the event of fraud or manipulation of orders, the company has the right to withdraw the Rebate from all or several of the client's accounts, deducting the company's losses in connection with this.

8. AZA has the right to restrict, modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

9. This offer is not valid in jurisdictions where we are not authorized to do business or where such offer is contrary to local laws and regulations.

10. The Rebate is credited only if the client is verified.

11. Offer valid until December 31, 2023


When can I withdraw the Rebate?

You can withdraw Rebate immediately after it is credited.

Do I need to make a request every time to get a rebate?

It is enough to make a request once for your account to receive a rebate.

If I withdraw my profits, will the Rebate be canceled?

If you withdraw funds from your account, the Rebate will not be cancelled.

Can I get a Rebate on several accounts?

Yes, you can get rebates to other accounts if they do not participate in promotions where it is not allowed.

What deals are counted for the Rebate?

Will be counted closed deals lasting more than 5 minutes. The profit or loss on this deal should be equal to or greater than the spread on this trading instrument.

Where can I see the volume of counted trades?

You can see the volume of counted deals in the Client Portal in the Orders section.

Can I withdraw my funds during the Rebare period?

Yes, you can withdraw funds without any restrictions, but if the difference between all deposits and withdrawals is less than 100 USD, then the Rebate will not be credited.

How do I get a rebate if I have not traded the required volume?

You can get a rebate next month only if the volume of orders during the calendar month is equal or more than the required volume for crediting.

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