High commissions

Partners should receive a decent reward for their efforts, so AZA has the highest level of commissions.

Full analytics

Partners can track customer traffic, as well as commissions for each customer in detailed reports.

Special conditions

AZA values long-term partners and can increase the commission when the number of clients and deposits increases.

World without borders

The company works with clients from all over the world, which significantly increases the partner's earnings.

Payment on time

Get your earned affiliate commission on time and in full once a month.

No limits

You will receive commission as long as your clients continue to invest and trade.

Make money on partnership

Use the most popular destinations to find new clients.
Open a Live Account to withdraw affiliate commissions.


Advertising Investments

The fastest and most profitable way to attract target customers is contextual advertising in search engines. You can get multiple profits in comparison with the invested funds.

Own website

Own website Creation

Buy a domain name and rent a hosting. Insert the company logo, banners and referral links on the pages of your site. If you do not have a ready-made website, we will provide it to you.

Social networks

Social networks Communication

Post on the social networks and forums trading recommendations and articles from the AZA blog with your referral link, be active when communicating with subscribers and friends.

Bank transfer

Partner reviews

I have been working in the forex market for a long time as an IB. With Azaforex began working last year.
I like the transparency and clarity of their conditions, the timely accrual of commissions and withdrawal of funds.

Lisa Moore, Economist

AZA suits me as a partner because they pay the highest commission compared to other brokers. Those brokers who have been on the market for a long time, as a rule, reduce the number of commission payments.
The Commission is charged in time, I like it.

Gary Evens, Marketer


Commission for each first deposit.

  • Commission per action
  • Fixed rates
  • For deposits from $100
  • Up to $ 1200
  • Plus Bonus up to $12,000

Revenue Share %

Commission as part of the spread.

  • Regular Commission
  • Depends on the volume
  • For deposits from $1
  • Most Profitable
  • Up to $ 35 per lot

Per Million $

Commission for traded volume in money.

  • Regular Commission
  • Depends on the volume
  • For deposits from $ 1
  • Simple commission calculation
  • $ 50 per million

CPA + Revenue Share $

Commission for the deposit and for volume.

  • Per action and regular commission
  • Fixed rates + part of the spread
  • For deposits from $100
  • Up to $ 550 + up to $ 15 per lot
  • Plus Bonus up to $10,000

Part Revenue Share $

Shared between partner and client.

  • Regular Commission
  • Depends on the volume
  • For deposits from $1
  • Saving on fees of payment systems
  • Convenient for Rebate
  • Up to $ 35 per lot

Sub-IB %

Commission from commissions of partners.

  • Regular Commission
  • Fixed percentage
  • Simple commission calculation
  • 10 %

Our clients

You need to know your target audience so that the traffic you are attracting brings you big profits all the time. Focus your efforts on improving the quality, not the number of customers attracted.

Our clients are short-term and medium-term traders who trade on real accounts, investors and asset managers, as well as new traders who want to achieve success and change their lives.

Our clients

Success Principles

Develop a plan and follow it consistently according to the following principles.

Principles of success


Treat your customers the way you would like them to treat you.



Analyze incoming traffic to find out the best attraction channels.



Competently count budgets for your advertising campaigns.



Involve only the target audience.



Set realistic goals and achieve them consistently.