About Crypto bonus

If you deposit by cryptocurrency, then this offer is for you!

AZA Crypto bonus is your assistant in the world of modern technologies. If you use Cryptocurrencies for depositing and withdrawing funds, then the Crypto bonus will be an excellent investment in your trading.

AZA Crypto Bonus is credited only in case of a deposit by cryptocurrencies.

The Base currency of the trading account for the deposit can be any.

The deposit amount is calculated equivalent to the market value to USD of the cryptocurrency that you will use when depositing funds.

You can use this bonus without any further restrictions on your funds.

Interest and deposits

There are several options for the fixed interest rate for the bonus.

Interest depends on the amount of the deposit. In the case of several transactions within one day, they will be summed up as the amount of one deposit.

Why do we offer a bonus?

AZA believes that there is a great future behind modern technologies in the field of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, AZA encourages traders to learn and use convenient and safe financial instruments in their daily life.

Cryptocurrencies can make you financially independent from centralized government control systems. You can use your crypto wallet anywhere in the world without restrictions.

We want you to get a feel for what unlimited trading is, which is not limited to just regular base currencies. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies. You can use the bonus both on accounts with cryptocurrency as the base currency of the trading account, and on trading accounts in regular base currencies.

Advantages of Bonus

How to get a bonus

Terms and Conditions

1. The bonus is not taxed.

2. The bonus is provided only for trading and cannot be withdrawn.

3. To receive a bonus, you need to make a request in the Client Portal.

4. The total bonus amount cannot exceed 10,000 USD (or equivalent) on one trading account.

5. On all accounts of one client, the total amount of bonuses cannot be more than 30,000 USD (or equivalent).

6. Transfer of funds between trading accounts does not count as a deposit of funds.

7. The client can transfer the bonus to another trading account upon request to the Accounts department.

8. If a client transfers his funds from a trading account with a bonus to another trading account, the previously credited bonuses will be withdrawn in proportion to the transferred amount.

9. If the client withdraws funds, the bonus will also be withdrawn in proportion to the withdrawn funds.

10. If the client withdraws all funds, the Bonus will be withdrawn from the account first.

11. General conditions apply for deposits and withdrawals to an account with a bonus.

12. A trading account with a Crypto bonus can participate in other promotions and offers.

13. The AZA Crypto bonus program applies to the accounts of one client. It is forbidden to create fake accounts for crediting multiple bonuses. Hedging with bonus funds between trading accounts is prohibited. In the event of fraud or manipulation of bonus funds, the company has the right to withdraw the Bonuses from all or several of the client's accounts, deducting the company's losses in connection with this.

14. AZA has the right to restrict, modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

15. This offer is not valid in jurisdictions where we are not authorized to do business or where such offer is contrary to local laws and regulations.

16. In the case of unprofitable trading, deposit funds are lost first.

17. If the client transfers the deposit funds from the trading account with bonus funds and makes unprofitable trades with the remaining bonus funds, it will be considered that he has lost the deposit funds.

18. The bonus is credited only if the client is verified.

19. Offer valid until December 31, 2025.


Can I withdraw the Crypto bonus?

No, you cannot withdraw the bonus funds. The bonus is available only for trade.

If I withdraw the profit, the Crypto bonus will be canceled?

When withdrawing funds it is considered that you are the first to withdraw your deposit funds. Therefore, the bonus will be cancelled in full or in part, depending on the amount you withdraw.

Can I get a Crypto bonus on several accounts?

Yes, you can get a bonus on several accounts, but these accounts should not participate in other bonus programs and the total amount of all accrued bonuses cannot be more than $30,000.

Can I withdraw my funds during the Crypto bonus period?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds without restrictions. Only the amount of the accrued bonus will be deducted from the account first.

If I have already withdrawn all my funds, can I again request a Crypto bonus?

Yes, you can request a bonus with a new deposit of 100 USD.

If the market goes against you, in what order are funds spent from the account?

If the market goes against you, your funds spent first, and then the bonus.

If I make a transfer from an account with a bonus, will the bonus be canceled?

If you make a transfer from an account with a Crypto bonus, the Bonus amount will be cancelled in proportion to the funds withdrawn.

Are transfers counted for the Crypto bonus?

Transfer amounts will not be included in the calculation of the Crypto Bonus. Only the deposited funds are used to calculate the Bonus.

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