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How to trade forex on a professional platform Mobius Trader 7

Mobius Trader is a modern trading platform that combines modern blockchain technologies and classic forex trading. It is fundamentally different from other trading platforms because it enables traders to use end-to-end trading and open trading accounts not only in conventional currencies but also in cryptocurrencies.

Registration requires a minimum of information about the client and the whole procedure takes 30 seconds.

The client can independently make transactions with his accounts and exchange funds in different currencies at market rates without additional commissions.

Realize Your Trader Potential

Modern technologies allow clients to trade ECN trading symbols and use the Depth of Market to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Easy management of all accounts, trading from the chart and changing orders makes trading fast and convenient for the trader.

Before opening an order, the client can see the value of one point and the amount of the required margin. Partial order closing, locks and reversal of open orders are available.

The terminal has a built-in PAMM system and you can start a dizzying career as a managing trader and earn money from managing investors' funds.

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