About Risk Insurance

AZAforex offers risk insurance against possible unprofitable closed orders or bets of a certain volume if any.

Deposit funds and trade. Select unprofitable orders and bets during the offer period.

Create a request in the Client Portal and specify the IDs of closed orders or bets that you want to cover.

About Risk Insurance

Depending on the total amount of deposits during the offer period, you can cover closed orders or binary options bets with a limited volume.

Lot sizes

Groups of trading tools have different equivalents of Lot as an order volume.

Below are the sizes of 1 Lot, which will be taken into account for risks insuring:

How to cover orders and bets

  • Deposit funds to your trading account

    Deposit funds to your trading account

  • Open orders and place bets

    Open orders and place bets

  • Select unprofitable orders and rates

    Select unprofitable orders and bets

  • Get your funds back by covering.

    Get your funds back by covering.

Risk Insurance Terms

1. To ensure the risk you need to create a Request in the Client Portal. You must indicate the IDs of orders and bets in the comment to the request.

2. Only closed Orders and bets will be covered.

3. Orders and bets must be opened after deposit during the offer period by 23:59 hours 31.01.2022 UTC.

4. Deposits and withdrawals are cumulative during the offer period.

5. In the case of additional deposits, previously covered orders and rates will be taken into account.

6. The client's funds are not limited in any way either during the offer period or after its end.

7. To withdraw funds, you do not need to trade any order volume or place bets.

8. Transfer of funds between trading accounts does not count as a deposit of funds.

9. Orders and bets that were opened during the offer period and closed after that period will be covered.

10. The funds will be refunded to the same account on which the orders and bets were opened, in the currency of this trading account.

11. Orders and bet coverage requests are processed during business hours from 8 am to 4 pm UTC from Monday to Friday on business days.

12. Orders and bets that were opened with a volume that exceeds the volume in the offer will not be covered. The volume of orders and rates are not summed up or deducted among themselves to cover risks.

13. The Risk Insurance offer applies to one account of one client. It is forbidden to create fake accounts to cover risks. Hedging between trading accounts is prohibited. In the event of fraud or manipulation, the company has the right to withdraw covered funds from all or several of the client's accounts, deducting the company's losses in connection with this.

14. AZAforex has the right to restrict, modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

15. This offer is not valid in jurisdictions where we are not authorized to do business or where such an offer is contrary to local laws and regulations.

16. In the case of unprofitable trading, deposit funds are lost first.

17. The bonus is credited only if the client is verified.

18. Risk insurance is allowed with other bonuses.

19. Offer valid until April 30, 2022.


Can I make a request ahead of the expiration date of the insurance offer?

You can make your request ahead of the expiration date of the insurance offer. If the order or bate is already closed, then you can create a request and specify the order ID.

Is it possible to cover part of the order volume?

Part of the order volume cannot be covered. The order can only be covered completely.

Will the volume of the order be covered if it is slightly larger?

The order and bet will be covered if their volume is equal or less than required.

Can I request coverage if I have withdrawn funds?

You can request coverage if you have deposit funds left after the withdrawal and they meet the minimum requirements. In this case, the number of orders and the volume will be recalculated relative to the remaining amount.

Is it possible to request coverage for orders that will open after the offer expiration date?

Orders and bets that will be opened after the validity period of the offer cannot be covered.

Can I withdraw my funds during the Offer period?

Yes, you can withdraw funds without any restrictions, but the number of orders to cover and their volume will be recalculated.

If I have already covered all of the available orders, can I request coverage again?

You can deposit funds again during the offer period and request coverage for new orders.

If I transfer from an account, will the coverage be cancelled?

The coverage will not be canceled. The offer is valid for all trading accounts of the client.

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