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Forex strategy called «white ladder»

To work according to the "white ladder" strategy on the chart of a currency instrument, additional installation is required - you need to include the following indicators...

What is mining? How does mining work in simple words?

The main question about mining, of course, is related to its profitability.

5 Popular Exotic Pairs In Forex Trading. What pairs are they?

As reported from Blackwellglobal, it turns out there are only some exotic currency pairs that usually become a trade

8 Women Influential in the world of crypto currency

Although the world of crypto is linked to the man, do you know that the interest of women to invest in Crypto assets is also high as high?

Asylum currencies what is their role in the forex market

Asylum currencies, quite logically and reasonably, are one of the best market instruments that allow you to preserve investor capital in times of market volatility.

Pennant: trading rules based on the use of this pattern

Technical analysis includes more than 10 chart patterns

Horizontal option spread

In the course of managing this strategy, a certain economic model is formed - a concept that allows us to calculate the bank's profitability based on the formed value, as well as in the case of lending to its capital.

Forceindex indicator

From the point of view of experts, the two-day moving average is more accurate, but trading on it is associated with several nuances.

Using a trading tactic called «Elephant and Pug»

The strategy with a rather humorous name "Elephant and Pug" is aimed at those who do not have enough time and opportunity to sit at the computer screen every second and monitor market charts, analyzing them in detail.

Trix indicator features of its use

Indicators help forex traders make money on the exchange


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