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Reasons and implementation procedure

In general, the method of risk management in automated trading by advisors provides an opportunity to cut the amount of capital, which may be lost as a result of a transaction (or even a number of trading operations), or in general when using an advisor in the process of trading on the international forex market.

Cryptocurrency correlation and how it is determined

Today, investing in bitcoin or other crypto assets is no surprise: not only far-sighted and wealthy investors prefer to channel their money into digital currencies, but also ordinary residents who have decided to make money on market trading.


This tactic is based on the psychology of the market - crowd behavior: so if a large exchange giant or crowd pushes the price to a specific level, then many players are connected to such a process, and thus this method does not lose relevance.

Automation trading: reasons and implementation procedure

In modern trading, trading strategies that can be «programmed» by transforming them into program code are gaining momentum more and more.

Forex trading strategy called «Traffic Light»

Fans of such analysis should pay special attention to the trading tactics called «Traffic Light», which is designed to implement such principles.

Ways to earn on gap

At the beginning with the English word «gap»  means a gap: in terms of financial markets, a gap is defined as a significant price difference.

Execution of orders: Instant and Market Execution

Unambiguously, when choosing an intermediary, you should pay attention to the implementation of the execution of orders

Mobile forex trading

Focusing on the specifics and distinctive features of the portable device used, the trader needs an appropriate version of the trading terminal

Hashrate: what is it and how to define it

value of the cryptocurrency is simply increasing in geometric progression: today, mining is a reliable, easy, and safe way of operating for network users.

London trading session: the «Start» strategy

Today we will talk about the specifics of the London trading session, which in English is called the trading session of London.


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