About forex promotion no deposit bonus for article

You can become one of the authors of the AZA blog and share your ideas, strategies, market analysis and experience with other traders around the world.

Requirements for the article

1. The content of the article should be about Forex trading, Finance, Investments, Energies, Precious Metals, Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and Stocks.
The article can explain strategies, contain economic analytics and trading tips, describe companies available for trading on the MT 7 trading platform, can teach methods of using indicators and oscillators.

2. The article must have a Title from 45 to 70 characters and a Brief description from 150 to 160 characters.

3. The body of the article must contain at least 6000 characters with no spaces or more.

4. The article body text uniqueness must be at least 85 %.

5. You can create a description in your own words of another article while observing the necessary uniqueness of the text.

6. The text of the article must be in English.

7. The article should contain the required keywords that you can see when clicking on the Create Article button in the Client Portal.

8. The article should be written grammatically correct, contain punctuation marks and understandable to read.

9. The article should not contain links, promotions and descriptions of other brokers and companies.

Easy Steps to get the 10 USD bonus

  • Write a unique article about trading

    Create a unique article about trading

  • Upload the article for inspection

    The text will be checked

  • Wait until it is published in Blog

    Wait until the article is published

  • Get a $10 on bonus account

    Get a $10 on
    bonus account

Is your article already written?

Open a Start account      Create a new Article

Create your article and once verified and published, you will get a 10 USD bonus.

How to get a bonus

1. Sign up with existing email address.

2. You do not need to verify your account to receive the bonus.

3. After registration, you will receive by e-mail the login details for the Client Portal.

4. In the Client Portal in the Articles section, click the Create Article button and fill in the forms.

5. Reviewing and publishing an article can take from 1 hour to 2 business days. The editor will check the number of characters and the uniqueness of the article, write comments and change the status.

6. After the publish an article in the blog, you will get a 10 USD bonus within a business day.

7. Each 10 USD bonus will be credited only on new START account.

8. The trading account will be available on your account in the trading platform MT 7.

The bonus for an author invitation

1. You can invite a new Author and get 10 USD for his First published article.

2. For an invitation, you can send the author a link with your Promo code. You can create referral links with your Promo code in the trading terminal in the Partner Tools section.

3. The new author must register with your link and Create an article.

4. In the Client Portal, the new author needs to Upload a document confirming his identity.

5. After the first article will be published, you will have access to a trading account with 10 USD on your balance.

6. You can regularly invite other authors, and each time you will receive a bonus account with 10 USD on balance for their First published article.

7. If your invited author Deposit funds to another live trading account, then you will be able to receive Partner rewards.

Profit withdrawal Terms

1. The initial 10 USD Bonus Cannot be withdrawn and is provided for trading only.

2. You can withdraw only Profit from the Bonus trading account.

3. Only closed orders will be counted when calculating the required volume. The volume will be counted in which the duration is more than 5 minutes, and the profit or loss is equal to or greater than the spread for a trading instrument.

4. The maximum you can withdraw 30 USD of Profit from one bonus account.

5. The amount of a single transaction for withdrawal should be more than 10 USD.

6. The profit can be withdrawn with cryptocurrency only.

7. General conditions apply for withdrawals funds from an account with a bonus.

General Terms

1. The 10 USD bonus is provided for trading and can be withdrawn or transferred.

2. The client cannot deposit and transfer funds to the bonus account.

3. The bonus account currency is USD.

4. It is allowed to open opposite positions when trading on a one bonus account.

5. AZA can refuse to publish an author until he corrects errors or increases the percentage of uniqueness of the text.

6. The author transfers all rights to the article and cannot publish it on other resources without the consent of AZA.

7. AZA can make any changes to the text without notifying the author.

8. AZA independently determines when and which articles, which authors and in which queue to publish on the blog.

9. If the author publishes on other sites the article that has already been published on the AZA blog, then the company has the right to block the client's bonus accounts.

10. AZA has the right not to publish the author's article, without notifying the reasons for the refusal.

11. A trading account with a 10 USD bonus will not be able to participate in other promotions and offers.

12. AZA has the right to restrict, modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

13. It is forbidden to create fake accounts for crediting multiple 10 USD bonuses. Hedging with bonus funds between trading accounts is prohibited. In the event of fraud or manipulation of bonus funds, the company has the right to withdraw the Bonuses from all or several of the client's accounts, deducting the company's losses in connection with this.

14. Bonus and Profit are not taxed. This offer is not valid in jurisdictions where we are not authorized to do business or where such offer is contrary to local laws and regulations.

14. Offer valid until December 31, 2025.


Can I withdraw the bonus for an article?

No, you cannot withdraw bonus funds. You can withdrawal only Profit from bonus account from 5 USD per transaction.

Can I use this account in the rating of PAMM accounts?

You cannot use the bonus account for PAMM account rating.

Will the bonus be canceled if I withdraw my profit?

$10 bonus remains on the balance of the trading account after the withdrawal of profits.

Can I get other bonuses for one trading account?

Each new $ 10 bonus is added only to a new trading account.

Can I transfer profits from different bonus accounts to one trading account?

You can transfer funds from different bonus accounts to one Live trading account if its terms of use do not prohibit this.

If I have withdrawn my profit, can I get the bonus again?

If you write a new article and it is published on the AZA blog, you will receive a $ 10 bonus on your new trading account.

If the market goes against me, in what order are funds spent?

If the market goes against you, your Profit spent first, and then the bonus.

Can I invite authors if I do not publish articles myself?

Yes, you can invite other authors if you don't create articles yourself. If they create articles to be published on the AZA blog, then you will receive a 10 USD bonus for each article.

Can I deposit funds to my Bonus account?

You cannot deposit funds or make a transfer to a bonus account.

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