What is the world's stock indices by AzaForex, consider this before trading forex

An index is a composite analysis of changes in the dynamics of the cost of any group, type of securities. This rate is also called the index basket. This is useful for evaluating and calculating the rise and fall of the value of shares or other securities. To make this, the current (present) value is compared with the past value. This is the most primitive type of analysis, for the extended evaluation we use information on markets, economic and political situation in the segment of economy, country, region of the world as a whole.
In drawing up the forecast we take into account the market and the type of commitment: Government bonds, shares of companies, investment securities funds, etc. may depend on the degree of investment risk, considering who and how losses can be compensated in case of collapse, whether they are compensated in general? Such ratings (index) compiled by authoritative financial information agencies and the major stock exchanges.
How the stock market indices are used?
Stock indexes may be global or regional. In the first case the  historicall growth from the experience of the world's oldest stock exchanges i- the British and New York – is used. Now the main in the world are Dow Jones stock exchange, Nikkei, RTS, NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, Standart & Poor, s. In addition to them in the global financial system there is still about 2 million units. The number of leading positions for index  shares – global indices that form the basis of a particular value, is determined figure standing next to the name. For example Russel 2000 is the current change of the main base for the equity index.
When doing trading, especially speculative, transactions on the stock exchanges you always take into account hedging (insurance) risks, associated with the circulation of securities and the extent of the recession in time / price increases, the solidity of their reasons. This allows you to quickly carry out operations and make a profit from the manipulation of futures (middle stock indices).
Landmarks in the stock exchange indices
Securities transactions are conducted through exchanges and so-called OTC platform. The most influential in the financial system of the world - New York Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ – AMEX.
Apart from these crucial are London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Do not forget about the local exchange level, for example, Russia is the value of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange. Regional indicators may affect the market to a greater extent than the international ones, if the subject of investment in securities (corporate shares, bonds, currency, and so on. D.) is inextricably linked with that country.
The mechanism of exchange brokers
There are closely related concepts of Forex and securities transactions. Shares represent a certain financial obligation, also the funds issued by the state - the guarantor of their exchange for material values. Broker indexes acts according to their proven or accepted schemes. At the same time it takes into account the wishes of the contract, respectively, or the specific interests of the principal means. Maneuvering among economic and political events that influence the currency rates and stock, is trying to make the most profit for the customer.
The election of the US president D.Tramp not yet had a significant impact on the economy. But due to the harsh statements (he and other politicians) exchange rates and securities fluctuated. Players of the market, that were well aware of the short duration of these disasters, had earned well by rapid buying and selling of currency / share.
The same thing can happen when there are some temporary difficulties in a sector of the economy or their number. These fluctuations sometimes are measured for hours. Large brokers have good information tools, and with their help, they can keep track of interesting changes in time to make profitable trades.
How investor can choose a shares broker or Forex?
The bottom line here is the same. It is necessary to take into account:
- Reputation
- Term of success
- Capitalization
- Management
Now in all exchanged transactions of all kinds of currency, binary options, etc. 2 basic mechanisms of interaction were established.
1.Investor acts as a passive principal, gives capital to an independent broker management.
2. Forex Platform and binary options business usually provides its users with convenient tools of independent work. This information, comfortable accounts and broker accounts on websites, apps for computers and mobile devices, allowing to take part in the bidding for any currency in real time and to achieve high results.
Still it is necessary to mention the figures and diagrams of the various platforms, older companies usually care about reputation, use a less risky work mechanisms, but seeking a guaranteed profit. Young, ambitious brokers play for broke, bringing huge profits to investors or similar damages. The selection of a stock broker depends on the experience and risk appetite of market participants.
Thus, the choice of broker AzaForex is the best option for both the novice trader, and for a large investor.