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Cryptocurrency mining

Satoshi Nakamoto is an ideological creator and inspirer, the very famous creator of bitcoins, without knowing it, made a kind of revolution in the world of financial payments.

Forex Cycles

Despite all the advantages of technical analysis on Forex, a trader is faced with the fact that he cannot determine the exact time: when exactly important events on the exchange will be formed.

Trend Focus - trend indicator

Determine the direction of the trend, to make a profit, the main task of any trader

How to use fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis allows us to determine how the country's currency will behave with the dynamics of economic data in one direction or another, and so then we can make a prediction whether to invest in a particular sector of the economy or not.

Martingale Method

The main essence of the technique is to start trading with the lowest lot rate, and if it fails, the trader should increase the amount of the bet, so that he can cover the losses and make a profit.

World's stock indices

When doing trading, especially speculative, transactions on the stock exchanges you always take into account hedging (insurance) risks, associated with the circulation of securities and the extent of the recession in time/price increases, the solidity of their reasons.


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