Natural gas forex trading strategy

  • Jun 07 2022
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Natural gas forex trading strategy

Natural gas trading strategies

Against the backdrop of the most important economic calendar events, the Natural Gas quotes rate is growing in the commodity market. The best trading strategy is to buy energy when the price can make a new high above 9,540. Although the target is not large in this trade it is not forex scalping methods. Now the price pattern is similar to the technical analysis figures which is called the flag. It is a trend continuation pattern. Therefore, a trading strategy for buying this energy carrier is more likely to bring profit.

Symbol: NATGAS
Order Type: Pending Order - Buy Stop
Entry Price at 9.540
Take Profit at 9.700
Pips Earning: 160

Profitable forex strategies:
EURUSD sell at the price of 1.0650
USDJPY buy at the price of 133.00
GBPUSD sell at the price of 1.2430
USDCHF buy at the price of 0.9780

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Forex trading analysis
The profit can be $160.00 if the trading volume of 1000 Futures.


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