Best forex signal for EURJPY currency pair

  • Jun 02 2022
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Best forex signal for EURJPY currency pair

Best forex signal for EURJPY currency pair

The weakness of the Japanese yen has affected the trends of the currency pairs that are traded with it. The price rose to a flat level of 139.00 and paused. since the trend reversal has not begun, it can be assumed that growth will resume again. Our trading strategy is to wait for this level to be broken and open a long position. This is a forex scalping strategy with a 50 pips target to the next resistance level.

Symbol: EURJPY
Order Type: Pending Order - Buy Stop
Entry Price at 139.00
Take Profit at 139.50
Pips Earning: 50

Trading forex strategies:
EURUSD buy at the price of 1.0700
USDJPY buy at the price of 130.25
GBPUSD buy at the price of 1.2555
USDCHF sell at the price of 0.9570

The result of a trading recommendation.

The result of a trading recommendation for the EURJPY currency pair

Most beginners do not know how to trade on a commodity. They may benefit from tips on how to trade forex in the early stages of learning to trade. There are not many ecn brokers for us clients on the market that offer tight spreads to their clients. Trading platform Mobius Trader accept Litecoin payments for direct transactions. mt4 copy trader is not the best choice.

Best currency pair to trade for beginners
The profit can be $485.00 if the trading volume of 100000 EUR (1 Lot).


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