Nasdaq 100 index fails to withstand the onslaught of bears

  • May 06 2022
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Nasdaq 100 index fails to withstand the onslaught of bears

Nasdaq 100 index fails to withstand the onslaught of bears

For several days, US indices are falling in price. There were attempts by traders who are bullish to restore lost positions, but the downtrend continues. The Nasdaq 100 index fell sharply in the stock market. The price dropped to a strong support level, which stopped the fall. If this level does not withstand the onslaught of the bears, then with a high probability the price will continue to fall. in this trading recommendation you can earn 100 pips in one trade.

Symbol: US100
Order Type: Pending Order - Sell Stop
Entry Price at 12700
Take Profit at 12600
Pips Earning: 100

How to trade on the forex:
EURUSD sell at the price of 1.0470
USDJPY buy at the price of 103.85
GBPUSD sell at the price of 1.2275
USDCHF buy at the price of 0.9890

The result of the trading recommendation.

The result of the trading recommendation for the Nasdaq 100 index from AZAforex

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