Shares of Intel escaped from the captivity of the bears

  • Mar 29 2022
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  • Analyst AZA
Shares of Intel escaped from the captivity of the bears

Shares of Intel escaped from the captivity of the bears

Many people ask the question - How to trade shares of the stock market profitably with offshore best stock brokers? The rise of US stock market shares has been noticeable in the last few days. Some assets began to rise in price quite sharply against the backdrop of economic news. Intel shares were able to break through all the nearest resistance and approach a strong level. The chart shows a fractal technical analysis figure, the breakdown of which we will use to open a long position.

Symbol: INTEL
Order Type: Pending Order - Buy Stop
Entry Price at 52.00
Take Profit at 52.70
Pips Earning: 70

How to trade on the forex:
EURUSD sell at the price of 1.0940
USDJPY buy at the price of 123.70
GBPUSD sell at the price of 1.3065
USDCHF sell at the price of 0.9325

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The profit can be $70.00 if the trading volume of 100 Shares


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