AIRBUS shares soared up with a big gap

  • Jul 29 2021
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  • Analyst AZA
AIRBUS shares soared up with a big gap

AIRBUS shares soared up with a big gap

AIRBUS started trading with a large gap of almost 400 pips. Considering that before that the price was in a growing trend, such an increase in the share price may indicate positive news in the company and the further continuation of the trend. After the gap, the price did not fall and managed to gain a foothold in the area of ​​$ 120.00 per share. Now the price is above the 200 average and the MACD indicator is above the zero level.
We recommend buying the shares of this company if soon the price can rise above $ 121.00 per share. Take Profit order can be placed at 122.30, where there is a strong resistance level, which can stop the price growth.

Symbol: AIRBUS
Order Type: Pending Order - Buy Stop
Entry Price at 121.00
Take Profit at 122.30
Pips Earning: 130

The profit can be $130.00 if the trading volume of 100 Shares.


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