FRA40 index again breaks value records

  • Jun 11 2021
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  • Analyst AZA
FRA40 index again breaks value records

FRA40 index again breaks value records

The FRA40 index is now near its all-time high. The price moved up to this level and bounced down several times already. But these downward bounces were not deep and the price starts to rise again. If you look at the chart, you can see that this is a growing trend, the price is above the 200 average, the MACD indicator, which indicates the continuation of the trend. Therefore, a long position is the best choice for a trader at this moment.

Symbol: FRA40
Order Type: Pending Order - Buy Stop
Entry Price: 6582
Take Profit: 6600
Pips Earning: 18

The result of a trade recommendation. The price reached the take profit level in an hour and a half.

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The result of a trade recommendation

The profit can be $218.52 if the trading volume of 10 FUT.


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