EURGBP hits the ceiling

  • Apr 26 2021
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  • Analyst AZA
EURGBP hits the ceiling

EURGBP hit the ceiling and is waiting for movement

The chart of the EURGBP currency pair gives the impression that the price has hit the ceiling and is waiting for a movement. Several times the price has risen to this level, but each time it bounced back down. What is interesting about this situation is that the resistance level is so even that it is rarely found in currency pairs and can often be seen on stock charts. A break of this level will serve as a good signal to open an order with a target of 60 points.

Symbol: EURGBP
Order Type: Market - Buy Stop
Entry Price: 0.87200
Take Profit: 0.87800
Pips Earning: 60

The profit can be $728.16 if the trading volume of 100000 EUR (1 Lot).


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