XAUUSD is popular with bulls again

  • Apr 21 2021
XAUUSD is popular with bulls again

XAUUSD is popular with bulls again and prices continue to rise

Gold is in a short-term but growing trend. The price moves up and each time relies on the support level, which we can see if we draw a straight line on the chart. Such figures of technical analysis give traders who prefer to have Gold in their trading a good opportunity to open an order with a target of 1000 points.

Symbol: XAUUSD
Order Type: Pending Order - Buy Stop
Entry Price: 1791.00
Take Profit: 1801.00
Pips Earning: 1000

In case of opening a position on this trading recommendation, the profit can be $1000.00 with the order volume is 100 Tr. Oz.

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