UK100 index is ready to make a predictable leap

  • Apr 09 2021
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  • Analyst AZA
UK100 index is ready to make a predictable leap

The UK100 index is ready to make a predictable leap between levels

The UK100 index is slowly but surely moving to the closest and strongest level of 6970. If the price can break through this level, it will be able to rise to the level of 7040 where there is a resistance level that can somehow stop further price growth. You can enter this position only if the bulls can overcome the price level of 6970, if the price falls deeply down, then it is better to reconsider the opening of the order, depending on the market situation.

Symbol: UK100
Order Type: Market - Buy Stop
Entry Price: 6970
Take Profit: 7040
Pips Earning: 70

The result of a trade recommendation. The price reached the Take Profit level on the 4th day.

The result of a trade recommendation

For this position, the profit could be $ 700.00 with a trading volume of 10 FUT.


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