Facebook shares near new all-time highs

  • Apr 07 2021
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Facebook shares near new all-time highs

You can buy Facebook Shares after breaking a new all-time high

Facebook stocks are poised to break a new all-time high. The price has approached this level two times already, and each time the bears fought off the bulls' attack. But all the bears could do was push the price down to the level of the old historical high. The price did not go further down, which means that the price growth is more likely. Wait for the level breakout and enter the market when the price reaches new heights.

Order Type: Market - Buy Stop
Entry Price: 311.50
Take Profit: 315.00
Pips Earning: 350


The result of a trade recommendation. The price reached our Take Profit the next day, 23 hours after the order was opened.

The price reached our Take Profit

In this position, the profit can be $ 350.00 with an order volume of 100 shares.


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