Trading tips for EURNOK

  • Mar 31 2021
  • by
  • Analyst AZA
Trading tips for EURNOK

The Euro rate is falling before our eyes.

Bears are ready to strike by lowering the price of the Euro against the Norwegian krone. Behind the nearest support level, near which the price is now, there are no levels that could resist the bears.

Symbol: EURNOK
Order Type: Pending Order - Sell Stop
Entry Price: 9.99800
Take Profit: 9.88000
Pips Earning: 1180
Stop Loss: 10.02500
Pips Risk: -270

The bears are ready to strike. Hurry up to open a sell order. In this position, the profit can be $ 1,180.00 with a trading volume of 1 standard lot.


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