The calculation of profit for December

  • Jan 19 2017
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The calculation of profit for December

The calculation of profit for December

December was a very active month for many traders in the foreign exchange market and the shares stock market. Seemed like unpopular currencies in the trading world, such as Turkish lira and Polish zloty, became leaders of the forex market. Currency pairs, traded with them, did the huge stunning movements! At a time when everyone is looking at the major currency pairs quotes, our research department has paid attention to these black ducks. And that choice proved to be more profitable than the overall mood of the majority of traders. But, even earning a lot with the price change of the currency pairs, we again underestimated their potential, which at times exceeded our very bold assumption about the change in the price chart. This proves once again that the market situation must be analyzed from all sides, paying attention to all fringes. Also perfectly proved themselves American market shares, which were quite pleased with their predictable and volatility, and therefore with money on the trading broker account. On the New Year eve the financial sector showed the good mood. Therefore, you were able to verify the accuracy of our trade recommendations and tips, once you've read our detailed report.
If you have used every AzaForex trading recommendation you received
 profit+ 3740 points.
Depending on the size of your position, your profit would be different, for example, when trading 1 lot = $ 37 400 per month.
If we consider the total price movement after the profit, it was possible to earn more> 8590 points, if the trade volume was 1 lot, than it is $ 86,900 in addition to your account!
This suggests that we have underestimated the market potential for almost double times.
Although we were able to earn so good money this month, the market gave a possibility to earn even more.
 Thus, forex and stock market in December could get in total, according to our Recommendation 12 230 points! It is worthy figure and very solid advice of experts of the company AzaForex.
Detailed report:
1.12.16 EURTRY - Profit +500 pips (price went +3900 pips)
2.12.16 USDPLN - Profit +420 pips
5.12.16 GOLD - Profit +200 pips (price went +180 pips)
6.12.16 EURJPY - Breakeven (the price passed only 80 pips)
7.12.16 Goldman Sachs - Profit +700 pips (price went +600 pips)
12.12.16 Travelers - Profit +300 pips (price went +60 pips)
15.12.16 USDTRY - Profit+550 pips (price went +3400 pips)
19.12.16 AUDCAD - Breakeven (the price passed only 60 pips)
20.12.16 EURUSD- Stop Loss -50 pips
21.12.16 Citigroup - the position is open Loss -40 pips
27.12.16 GER30 – Profit +550 pips
Positions, that were opened in November and closed in Desember:
21.11.16 Cisco- Breakeven (the price passed only 40 pips)
22.11.16 AUDCAD - Breakeven (the price passed only 55 pips)
24.11.16 Boeing - Profit +470 pips (price went +450 pips)
30.11.16 AUDJPY- Profit +140 pips
The calculation of profit, simple tricks to make money in the foreign exchange market


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