Profit for February

  • Mar 17 2017
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Profit for February

The calculation of profit for February

Dear readers! We always approach the analyst with maximum responsibility, because we want you to get the maximum profit! Before writing a recommendation, our analysts are deepened into economic and financial news, and the political component, which has a huge impact on quotes recently. It's time to counter the balance of our recommendations. If you used every trade recommendation of AZAforex in your trading, you got a profit of + 3990 points. Depending on the volume of your positions, your profit in money can be different. If you traded all the time with 1 lot, then your profit was 39 900 $ for one calendar month. Not bad, right? Sitting in a position and squeezing it out of the market to the maximum is a much lucrative trading strategy, rather than making many trading transactions inside the day, chasing after pennies. Think about that trading, so you get true freedom because you release your personal time, which you can more exciting. Our recommendation for Tesla is closed with a profit of +1065 points! If we could return to the past and follow it, some readers thought. But the recommendation on Amazon helped to earn even more +1260 points. It's time to bite your elbows because it was a tasty morsel! For those traders who calculate the trend moves to the end, before the reversal, we give the following statistics. If you look at the full price movement in the trend, then after fixing the profit on our recommendations, you can get another 3,000 points. You can count profit by multiplying points by the cost of one item of your positions)) This suggests that the market potential has been sufficiently profitable for our investors, who managed to increase their account with a forex broker for several good deals. Therefore, we recommend that our clients who wish to receive trading signals and the latest analytical information on the situation in the exchange markets send their applications to our e-mail: [email protected] The information received at the right time can turn into solid money. To get timely market reviews and additional trading analytics, you need to have an opened trading account in AZAforex, with a positive balance. Detailed report:  
2-02-17 Facebook - Profit +260 pips (price was additionally +320 pips)
3-02-17 GBPAUD - Profit +100 pips
7-02-17 Apple - Profit +200 pips (price was additionally +800 pips)
9-02-17 Yahoo - Profit +155 pips
10-02-17 Tesla Motor - Profit +1065 pips (price was additionally +450 pips)
14-02-17 Goldman Sachs - Profit +530 pips
16-02-17 Boeing - Profit +300 pips (price was additionally +1200 pips)
17-02-17 Amazon - Profit +1260 pips
20-02-17  Cisco – the position is still open, Profit +20 pips
28-02-17 USDCAD - Profit +100 pips (price was additionally +230 pips)
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