The calculation of profit for January

  • Feb 10 2017
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The calculation of profit for January

The calculation of profit for January

Traders, who use in their trading, our trading recommendations. It is well proved to be the leading US stock market shares. Their predictability gave, in some cases, the incredible profits, not comparable in scale earnings from the currency Forex market. How well behaved shares at breakout of resistance and support levels can be seen in our monthly report below. Often, volatility shares many times higher than volatility currency pairs. Given that the spreads and loss of control levels, it becomes more suitable for traders aimed at success and repeated increase in the trading account with a broker on the foreign exchange market and the stock market is almost the same, trading stocks. Just got to make good on the exotic currency pairs. At a time when almost all the traders of the world mired in the major currency pairs, and there catch the crumbs, in parallel, there are many currency pairs, just with a huge potential to make money. Turkish Lira, for example, has such huge potential progress, which is not even dreamed of in the rosiest dreams trader who is engaged in trade in the Euro Dollar. Such things as a daily overview of the market, instead of observing the same currency pair, brings an incredible result. Well, let's look in detail at the results of our analyst's breakout trading strategies last month.
If you have used every AzaForex trading recommendation you received
 Profit + 3325 points.
Depending on the size of your position, your profit would be different, for example, when trading 1 lot = $ 33 250 per month.
If we consider the total price movement after the profit, it was possible to earn more 4630 points, if the trade volume was 1 lot, than it is $ 46 300 in addition to your account!
This suggests that we have been undervalued by the market potential, because if it was to gain patience, could, without doing anything to increase profit almost doubled.
Detailed report:
1-4-17 USDTRY - Profit +470 pips (price went +2800 pips)
1-5-17 Goldman Sachs - Stop Loss -50 pips
1-6-17 EURUSD- Profit +85 pips (price went +130 pips)
1-9-17 GBPUSD - Breakeven (the price passed only 160 pips)
1-10-17 GBPJPY - Profit +125 pips (price went +260 pips)
1-11-17 Facebook - Profit +255 pips (price went +630 pips)
1-13-17 AUDUSD - Profit +100 pips (price went +70 pips)
1-16-17 Boeing - Profit +300 pips (price went +670 pips)
1-20-17 AUDCAD - Stop Loss -50 pips
1-24-17 Amazon - Profit +1800 pips
1-25-17 IBM - Profit +240 pips
1-26-17 Microsoft - Profit +100 pips (price went +70 pips)
1-31-17 American Express- Stop Loss -50 pips
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