Profit for November

  • Dec 15 2016
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Profit for November

The calculation of profit for November

This month was a success. We and traders who use our trading recommendations and intelligence could make a good profit this month. Exotic currency pairs showed good income, giving a good volatile breakthrough. Market shares of the US companies were well predicted, were in the trend that has given us a little risk to make a big profit. The market potential was in this month so great that we could eat almost 3 times more. The volatility of the forex currency market and the stock market was a pleasant surprise. After a long period of stagnation, the price could not wait to make new highs. Investors have significantly increased the value of their assets, active traders multiplied their trading accounts with brokers. Well, let's sum up. If you have used every AZAforex trading recommendation you received a profit of + 4310 points. Depending on the size of your position, your profit would be different, for example, when trading 1 lot = $ 43,100per month. If we consider the total price movement after the profit, it was possible to earn more 6270 points if the trade volume of 1 lot, this is an additional $ 62.700 into your account! This suggests that we have underestimated the market potential almost twice. Although we were able to make so well this month, the market gave to earn even more. Thus, at forex and stock market, could be obtained in November, in total, according to our recommendations 10 580 points! Let every trader multiply that number by the cost of the point, which it sells, and considers the potential profit from analytics of AZAforex company.
Detailed report:
11-1-16 Chevron - Profit +200 pips (price went +750 pips)
11-2-16 NZDCAD - Breakeven (the price passed only 140 pips)
11-3- 16 AT & T - Loss -50 pips
11-4-16 EURCAD - Profit +200 pips
11-7-16 GBPJPY - Profit +170 pips (price went +1400 pips)
11-8-16 Disney - Profit +120 pips (price went +400 pips)
11-10-16 EURUSD- Profit +85 pips (price went +300 pips)
11-11-16 American Express- Profit +160 pips (price went +90 pips)
11-14-16 USDTRY - Profit +450 pips (price went +2400 pips)
11-15-16 USDCHF- Profit +100 pips (price went +90 pips)
11-16-16 EURGBP- Profit +160 pips (price went +100 pips)
11-17-16 Bank of America- Profit +120 pips (price went +50 pips)
11-21-16 Cisco - Breakeven (price went 40 pips)
11-22-16 AUDCAD - Profit +100 pips
11-24-16 Boeing - Profit +470 pips (price went +550 pips)
11-29-16 IBM - Profit +500 pips
11-30-16 AUDJPY - Profit +140 pips (price went +140 pips)
The position, which closed in November, but were opened in October:
10-7-16 USDCAD - Profit +160 pips 
10-10-16 Bank of America - Profit +135 pips
10-18-16 USDTRY - Profit +850 pips
10-21-16 AUDCAD - Profit +140 pips
The calculation of profit for November 2016 by AzaForex forex broker, interested in forex trading here's what you need to know


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