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Greg McLeod, Former Schoolteacher Successful And Trading For Living

Being a successful forex dealer is the dream of numerous people, especially millennials moment.

Horizontal option spread

In the course of managing this strategy, a certain economic model is formed - a concept that allows us to calculate the bank's profitability based on the formed value, as well as in the case of lending to its capital.

Alexander Gerchik: The story of a successful trader

Most of the stories about successful traders in the foreign exchange markets mostly serve as a source of inspiration for beginners, they motivate novice traders and open new doors for them, wide horizons of financial markets. Today we will learn (and discover) an interesting history and biographical data of a modern legend - an NYSE participant, the famous Alexander Gerchik. His example of life and…

Institutional and retail trader

Well, traders are divided into two, namely retail traders and institutional traders. The question is what is meant by retail traders and institutional traders and whether the two have significant differences.

Leverage and oil

Would you be able to reduce the Effect of Leverage with Collateral Management?

Elliott Waves

We can easily divide the wave movement into smaller parts, that is, any movement repeats itself, but on different scales and boundaries.

The participants of the Forex market

A significant volume of foreign exchange transactions accounted for the interbank market where transactions take place through electronic transfers. A large share of foreign currency trading accounted for by such banks.


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