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Ways to earn on gap

At the beginning with the English word «gap»  means a gap: in terms of financial markets, a gap is defined as a significant price difference.

Short-term and Long-term trading

Trading by professionals does not involve spontaneous steps or rash actions, which are based on only emotional impulses: that's why entering the market, as well as getting out of it, should be taken seriously, with analysis and include reason, as the forex market does not encourage work on "lucky."

How Does Stock Work?

Seeing how stocks work is genuinely straightforward. Organizations offer their organization's offers to financial backers and afterward offer those offers to different financial backers.

Sniper Forex strategy

Trading on the strategy Sniper is carried out within a day, and it is advisable to trade on time intervals M1 and M5.

Silver trading on Forex

If the silver market is bullish, we can see silver's leadership relative to gold, which manifests itself in growth: this allows players to get very high returns, while the bearish tendency to talk about strong losses.

Mobile forex trading

Often, trade through smartphones or browsers on devices makes it possible to use an economic calendar and carry out trading in one click, as well as monitor and copy the best deals.

Сoncept of risks

And, of course, do not forget that there is such a science as risk management forex: for successful, efficient and profitable trading you need to adhere to the strategy of reducing the potential losses.

Anti Profitunity

Bill Williams is the author of not only market systems, but also a developer of his indicators.

Andrews pitch and trade using these market instruments

Andrews' pitchfork is used to build the main price channel on the trend market, and also to divide it into two parts. The lines that are created based on pitchforks demonstrate nothing less than support and resistance, showing the degree of probability that the price will depart from the line and go beyond the price corridor.

Profit and income on the forex market

Trade within one day can bring about 10-20% monthly. This option is popular with both beginners and market professionals. This is a good stable profit, while the risks are not too high.


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