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Silver trading on Forex

If the silver market is bullish, we can see silver's leadership relative to gold, which manifests itself in growth: this allows players to get very high returns, while the bearish tendency to talk about strong losses.

Double top and double bottom

The graphic formation Double top / double bottom is a frequent occurrence. By its nature, the pattern is the reversal, so a player needs to know how to enter the market when forming a formation, and how to correctly place orders (stop-loss) and designate goals.

Sharpe's ratio

At Forex, there is a well-known, in the circles of analysts and a financier, parameter is the Sharpe ratio. This ratio was derived by Nobel laureate, scientist economist William Sharpe.

Methods of technical analysis

The technical methodology is based on the study of past price behaviour: based on the analysis of previous indicators, conclusions are drawn about future forecasts and possible price directions.

Press conference of the president

Before the election, D. Trump promised to increase spending on infrastructure and thus reduce taxes. So mainly the questions to the President will concern how he is going to fulfill his promises without increasing the budget deficit.


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