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Forex Tips and Tricks

When you begin forex trading, you should know that risk management is a very important factor in trading

Profitable forex trader

Before getting started with trading forex, setting a realistic goal is important

Different Trading Personalities

In terms of trader personality, forex would suit anyone who doesn't have much capital to trade and wants to keep trading costs low.

The Trader’s Journey

This in essence is the story of most who forage into the world of trading.

Day trading

The strategy seeks to take advantage of the volatility that usually arises after this kind of candlestick formation

Jimmy Balodimas is one of the successful traders

He buys when the market is bearish and sells when there is a simple rising rally. He has never had a losing year in his entire trading career.

Jamie May most famous and successful hedge fund manager

Their analysis indicated that the price was likely to go up, so they bought a call option which gave them 250% of their investment. The May Fund uses options as a speculation tool and sometimes as an indicator.

The trading journey of the best trader Jesse Livermore

This article is about a market participant who made his fortune by controlling his emotions and knowing how the markets work. During his trading career, he was able to acquire many luxurious items such as limousines, yachts and several mansions, but due to depression, he committed suicide.

The bond market

You can be able to invest in bonds without having to do it directly yourself but rather invest in them via a bond mutual fund

13 Facts You Need To Know About Successful Forex Trading

Be persistent and show your strong desire to become a successful trader.


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