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Reasons and implementation procedure

In general, the method of risk management in automated trading by advisors provides an opportunity to cut the amount of capital, which may be lost as a result of a transaction (or even a number of trading operations), or in general when using an advisor in the process of trading on the international forex market.

Double top and double bottom

The graphic formation Double top / double bottom is a frequent occurrence. By its nature, the pattern is the reversal, so a player needs to know how to enter the market when forming a formation, and how to correctly place orders (stop-loss) and designate goals.

Documents forex trader

The trading plan is a kind of card: it is equipped with all pointers and tips, can give answers to questions.

ECN accounts

What features does the ECN account open?1) instantaneous implementation of orders;2) is advantageous in that there are no requotes;3) minimum spreads. When a trader prefers this type of account, then they do not have Limit and Stop levels, that is, there is no limit to the minimum distance between the current price value and pending orders.

Typical Forex features

A correct approach to analysis gives us an advantage and allows us to correctly compile future forecasts of price behaviour by market participants.


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