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Non-standard timeframes and purposes of use

A timeframe is a time interval, which is reflected on the chart in the form of only one figure - a bar or a candle.

Profit and income on the forex market

Trade within one day can bring about 10-20% monthly. This option is popular with both beginners and market professionals. This is a good stable profit, while the risks are not too high.

Forex - we forecast exchange rates

All these aspects are integral to the formation of the trading process, along with drawing up a plan, we choose a trading strategy or market tactic to further establish an efficient and working system.

Breakdown of the level

Historical levels are those that can be determined by carrying out a technical analysis of the market, exploring past time intervals.

Oil markets on the foreign exchange market

Analysts are perplexed: their points of view do not coincide with oil prices, their directions and fluctuations.

Correctly read Forex charts

Replenishing your knowledge and learning to understand forex charts correctly, the trader will definitely be easier, his transition from theory to practice will not be so tangible, and it will be much easier and easier for him to practice on both the demo and the real account.

Methods of technical analysis

The technical methodology is based on the study of past price behaviour: based on the analysis of previous indicators, conclusions are drawn about future forecasts and possible price directions.

Take Profit order

Do not despair, if you lose money, you can also easily earn them again

Second Tip

Each person has his edge, after which incorporate emotions are turned on and the brain is switched off.


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