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Do you want to trade life? Then prepare these 7 things first.

In this review, the author will review the medications for trading for living that must be possessed by dealers. What are they?

Exercising Media Learning Trading From Brokers, Why Not?

Why Learning Media From Brokers Could Be Your Choice?

Institutional and retail trader

Well, traders are divided into two, namely retail traders and institutional traders. The question is what is meant by retail traders and institutional traders and whether the two have significant differences.

Forex multiplier

Using all his knowledge, experience and being responsible, the stock trader enters the transaction with his funds, which means that he must necessarily take into account the main goals - income generation and risk management

PAMM account

In recent years all over the world, trust management became popular. There is a huge increase in opening PAMM accounts, many large hedge funds use such asset management scheme.


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