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Money management and the degree of its importance

do not ignore the principles of money management - learn to save your money and minimize financial losses

Indicator Envelopes

Focusing on the practical experience of professionals, you can safely say that this tool is an effective trend indicator.

Double top and double bottom

The graphic formation Double top / double bottom is a frequent occurrence. By its nature, the pattern is the reversal, so a player needs to know how to enter the market when forming a formation, and how to correctly place orders (stop-loss) and designate goals.

Price Action

Trading in the method of Price Action, a trader should pay attention not only to enter the stock exchange but also to evaluate when it is concrete to make a closing position.

Trends in the Flat market

In the period of lateral movement it is recommended that traders refrain from making transactions

Women and trading

Traders of women achieve success in the forex market

Carry Trade

As long as the level of return on a more profitable currency remains at a stable limit, you can apply this tactic and earn, just before the indicator on profitability does not lose its positions, a relatively less profitable instrument.

What are futures?

The oldest stock exchange instrument of futures is an oil that for decades determines the way of the global economy.


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