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Eurozone Bank Lending

The ECB also launched a program to buy some corporate bonds

What are futures?

The oldest stock exchange instrument of futures is oil that for decades determines the way of the global economy.

Stock exchange market

Each trading day operations on the sale of shares in the billions of dollars performs, and they are hold by more than 200,000 investors.

What is the trend

To begin with, a typical trend or phase of accumulation is that only experienced and largest players come to orders.

Trend pairs

The main thing is to choose a suitable session and favorable conditions for trading.

Grid systems

Choosing an instrument, it is worth to carefully evaluate all the properties of the pair - its liquidity and the level of volatility.

International currency market forex

Thanks to the impressive volumes of trades and good liquidity, traders who work within a day, choosing certain tools for trading, can fairly well implement their tactics, getting a good profit from transactions.

Oil markets on the foreign exchange market

Analysts are perplexed: their points of view do not coincide with oil prices, their directions and fluctuations.

Correlation of currencies

For a better understanding, you need to consider several tools, for example, currency pairs EUR / USD and AUD / USD.

Interest rates

The most powerful influence is exerted on rates of 10-year and 5-year securities, and the bond market itself is characterized by a high level of volatility.


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