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Important events

This week will be important events influencing the fate of the USD

Closing position

So don’t be greedy, if you analyzed the market situation, entered into a transaction and decided to take profit.

Fundamental analysis when investing in Forex

Fundamental analysis allows to take into account the stability of the political system of the state, which can have the most significant impact on economy and currency.

What is the trend

To begin with, a typical trend or phase of accumulation is that only experienced and largest players come to orders.

Learning trading on a demo account

Trading fairly is a complicated thing; it requires knowledge and, first of all, practice.

How can quickly make a profit?

Less than 25 percent of all traders have a constant profit for a long time. And yet there are such traders whose profit is more than a million dollars annually.

Forex Expert Advisor

Automatic advisors are paid or free of charge, and from an enormous variety of ATS options it is possible to find an efficient and working variant that will bring the desired result to the trader.


Do not forget that slippage, first, characterizes the reality of the market: orders are issued to the interbank market

Trade on the news

The main advantage of forex trading on the news is that for the trader (with the right approach) is easy enough to get fast money, while the risks are very low.

Features of currency pairs

And experts and market professionals recommend all novice traders, to start with one tool.


Trading Analytics

Be one step ahead of the market

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