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Cryptocurrency correlation and how it is determined

Today, investing in bitcoin or other crypto assets is no surprise: not only far-sighted and wealthy investors prefer to channel their money into digital currencies, but also ordinary residents who have decided to make money on market trading.

Hashrate: what is it and how to define it

value of the cryptocurrency is simply increasing in geometric progression: today, mining is a reliable, easy, and safe way of operating for network users.

London trading session: the «Start» strategy

Today we will talk about the specifics of the London trading session, which in English is called the trading session of London.

How to deposit with Uphold and other crypto exchanges

Depositing with Uphold and other crypto exchanges is easy. The trading platform accepts payments in 4 cryptocurrencies automatically without commissions. You can independently deposit funds at any time of the day using cards linked to exchanges. You just need to click the Check Transactions button.

Warrant boundaries

Among the warrant boundaries, the most utilized are affectability, theta, delta, characteristic worth, warrant on benefit/misfortune, and viable influence.

What is Forex

These are the exchanges that the financial backers make in the Forex market just to benefit from the ascent and fall in costs. In the current circumstance, both in Turkey and on the planet, exchanges are by and large completed for speculative purposes in the Forex market.

How to make money on Forex without investing

The average return on PAMM accounts leaves 200% per annum. When using investments, this amount can be raised to 300%. If you choose aggressive trading during the week, you can increase the deposit by 20-100%. Everyone knows that the Forex market allows you to earn good money.

Anti recession business solution

Then what should be done? Expecting government assistance? In addition to not being able to cover all the needs, the big question is until when?

Bulls and Bears

Since the eighteenth century, traders began to call themselves «bulls» and «bears»


The situation when there is a divergence in the market is not uncommon: this may indicate only one factor - it is worth waiting for the direction to change.


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