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Demo Trading Necessary for Beginners

The first benefit of starting with a demo account is the ease of transition to a real account.

How to improve trading

The ability of a trader to be profitable is a two-sided equation

Profitable forex trader

Before getting started with trading forex, setting a realistic goal is important

How to trade the GBP/JPY

The Japanese Yen is a proxy for Asian strength or weakness since it has the largest GDP in Asian territory outside of China.

Phycology in trading

Both Brad and Joe buy a book on their favourite subject, read it, and acquire a strategy for day trading the forex market.

Сurrency forecasting

There are some interesting technicalities about the number of shares that investors are allowed to trade

Forex hedge strategies by Michael Platt

The company was successful and brought in a lot of profit. It uses a discretionary and systematic approach based on the system. Their success is largely due to their exceptional risk management.

Colm O'Shea is the best hedge fund trader

When he makes a guess about where the market is going, and if suddenly the market starts to move against his forecast, then this proves that he was wrong, and he will not hesitate to close his position.

Advantages and disadvantages of the financial system

Financial institutions are posting record growth, while credit to businesses and households has declined. After the crisis, one would expect regulators to introduce rules limiting the amount of risky trading that takes place in the shadow banking system

What is the stock market

Investors saw this as an opportunity to make profits. They provided the capital and by so doing decreased the risks of shipping firms in return. They would get compensation if the ship had a safe trip and share the losses if there was an incident.


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