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Fundamental indicators

GDP reports give traders a view into the economic activity at an aggregate level


In terms of trader personality, forex would suit anyone who doesn't have much capital to trade and wants to keep trading costs low.

The Trader’s Journey

This in essence is the story of most who forage into the world of trading.

How to trade the GBP/JPY

The Japanese Yen is a proxy for Asian strength or weakness since it has the largest GDP in Asian territory outside of China.

The energy markets

In earlier decades oil exploration companies used to generate a lot of revenue from discovering oil reserves and operating marketing at breakeven.

Phycology in trading

Both Brad and Joe buy a book on their favourite subject, read it, and acquire a strategy for day trading the forex market.

Support/resistance trading

The reality is that a strong trend may keep making new highs while showing divergence on indicators such as the RSI or MACD.

Сurrency forecasting

There are some interesting technicalities about the number of shares that investors are allowed to trade

MACD Indicator

Traders use it to confirm who is in control of the market and to locate entry and exit points on their trades.

Fundamental and technical analysis

This article will give traders a fundamental view and technical analysis of some major economies


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