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Using a trading tactic called «Elephant and Pug»

The strategy with a rather humorous name "Elephant and Pug" is aimed at those who do not have enough time and opportunity to sit at the computer screen every second and monitor market charts, analyzing them in detail.

How to Trade CFDs Effectively?

And in order to eliminate problems, already at the end of the last century, the world saw contracts for differences in prices.

Cryptocurrency correlation and how it is determined

Today, investing in bitcoin or other crypto assets is no surprise: not only far-sighted and wealthy investors prefer to channel their money into digital currencies, but also ordinary residents who have decided to make money on market trading.

Liquidity and potential

Liquidity in the forex market is a kind of opportunity for a relatively short period to buy or sell a financial instrument or asset at its present value.

Expert Advisors on Forex

    A characteristic weakness of such a group of experts is flat - the state of the exchange when the price starts to cling to both purchased orders above and below the price.

Investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is characterized by decentralization: there is no single center - a zone where bitcoins or other digital funds are issued. In other words, no power, financial structure, or court can control the use of cryptocurrency: thus, digital currency transactions occur with irreversibility.

Documents forex trader

The trading plan is a kind of card: it is equipped with all pointers and tips, can give answers to questions.

Main indicators of Renko

As for the basic tactics with the use of Renko schedules, in case you intend to use these graphics constantly, experts advise not to select any special schedules or advisers. Use familiar tactics or tools.

Martingale Method

The main essence of the technique is to start trading with the lowest lot rate, and if it fails, the trader should increase the amount of the bet, so that he can cover the losses and make a profit.

Forex or binary option?

In your investment portfolio take instruments, that best meets your requirements on spreads, risk and profit, and enjoy the unlimited potential of the exchange market, which will make you free and rich.


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