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Introduction to Forex

The transitioning of the world monetary system from the gold standard to the free-floating Forex markets was implemented without a glitch.

7 Intriguing Fed Data You Must Know

Did you know about the fact that the Fed managed to make a profit in 2020 of$88.6 billion, or an increase of$33.1 billion from the former time? So, where did the plutocrat come from?

Exercising Media Learning Trading From Brokers, Why Not?

Why Learning Media From Brokers Could Be Your Choice?

The Story of Michael Covel the Trend Following Expert

In reality, who is Michael Covel?

Gaining Trading Knowledge From Kathy Lien's Success

Kathy Lien's story under will furnish thought as right as beneficial buying and promoting know-how for you.

London trading session: the «Start» strategy

Today we will talk about the specifics of the London trading session, which in English is called the trading session of London.

Parabolic SAR

Practical studies confirm that the SAR parabolic system is capable of producing clear and truthful signals that accurately indicate a price movement reversal, provided a clearly expressed trend and creates a lot of imaginary signals in a flat state.

Leverage and oil

Would you be able to reduce the Effect of Leverage with Collateral Management?

ECN accounts

What features does the ECN account open?1) instantaneous implementation of orders;2) is advantageous in that there are no requotes;3) minimum spreads. When a trader prefers this type of account, then they do not have Limit and Stop levels, that is, there is no limit to the minimum distance between the current price value and pending orders.

Characteristics of night trading on Forex

The main features of night trading on Forex:1) Free time! This mode is perfectly appealing to those who combine trading with the main occupation (work), playing at night. You can also schedule your own schedule: work on forex takes place at night.2) Despite the fact that this is night, the efficiency of the trading process is increasing. And noticeable. The reason is that the player does not have external distractions, no irritants or interference.


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