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Murray level indicators

The creator of this system Thomas Murray applied the basics and models from the works of the well-known analyst William Ghana: taking as a basis complex works.

What is Trend?

Each dealer should know that the genuine pattern may contrast with what he anticipated.

Forex Errors

If you are new to trading, make peace with the fact that Forex markets are full of pitfalls

Сoncept of risks

And, of course, do not forget that there is such a science as risk management forex: for successful, efficient and profitable trading you need to adhere to the strategy of reducing the potential losses.

How to determine market sentiment?

To act so that with each decision taken at the exchange, the player's position becomes better: you need to constantly measure the situation on the market.

Forex Expert Advisor

Automatic advisors are paid or free of charge, and from an enormous variety of ATS options, it is possible to find an efficient and working variant that will bring the desired result to the trader.

Choosing a strategy

Having tried a variety of binary options strategy, sooner or later, you will find yours.

Trading strategy

You must choose the trading style that best suits you on the psychological parameters, objectives and time that you are willing to spend on speculative financial transactions


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