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Phycology in trading

Both Brad and Joe buy a book on their favourite subject, read it, and acquire a strategy for day trading the forex market.

What is crypto currency Bitcoin and Ethereum

Some people associate cryptocurrencies with illegal transactions, but this is not entirely true, because everything is visible on the blockchain, but you can remain anonymous.

Oil: Forex Trading and Its Highlights

a trader who chooses to trade in oil is obliged to find out the Brent rate on Forex to control and monitor market sentiment.

Green Fire

Green Fire is a fairly simple strategy, but the technique shows effective results.


After all, each source of forex literature is a storehouse of knowledge, and each book on stock trading is an effective resource by which you can learn the market more closely and highlight significant moments from the abundance of information and data.

Investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is characterized by decentralization: there is no single center - a zone where bitcoins or other digital funds are issued. In other words, no power, financial structure, or court can control the use of cryptocurrency: thus, digital currency transactions occur with irreversibility.

How to use fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis allows us to determine how the country's currency will behave with the dynamics of economic data in one direction or another, and so then we can make a prediction whether to invest in a particular sector of the economy or not.

What do you need to know in Forex?

For beginners, it is extremely important to understand the peculiarities of trading on  forex, to learn all the "pitfalls of the market" and to understand the factors that are fundamental in the process of earning.

Point at Forex

Currency quotes are the parameters, the coefficients of the relationship of prices: one currency to another. They are presented in the form of numbers.

Important events

This week will be important events influencing the fate of the USD


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