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The ingenious research team led by Satoshi Nakamoto found a way out: they became the pioneers of digital currencies - they were able to create bitcoin.

Chaikin Oscillator 

It was thanks to the development of professionals, their knowledge and analytical mindset that Chaikin was able to develop a very effective and profitable tool that repeatedly proves its effectiveness in practice.

Vendor trading rules

An important stage associated with the preparation for the installation of orders, it is more rational to start on a 3-4 wave of the figure, or after forming 50% of the triangle. By all the canons of those. analysts, the breakdown happens precisely in this period of model formation.

The CCI indicator it's a powerful tool for the trader.

The commodity channel index belongs to the category of market indicators: this is the most powerful weapon for traders for many years. The true effectiveness and significance of this indicator is demonstrated by the fact that CCI is included in most trading terminals and platforms: developers with hunting implement it in classical analytics tools.

British Pound Sterling

In the role of influencing factors provoking the movement of the pound, macroeconomic indicators in the UK and other important data directly related to the state.


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