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Reasons and implementation procedure

In general, the method of risk management in automated trading by advisors provides an opportunity to cut the amount of capital, which may be lost as a result of a transaction (or even a number of trading operations), or in general when using an advisor in the process of trading on the international forex market.

Sniper Forex strategy

Trading on the strategy Sniper is carried out within a day, and it is advisable to trade on time intervals M1 and M5.

Ichimoku Indicator

Experts believe that the best results, the indicator Ichimoku demonstrate at day or week intervals, and on the contrary in a state of flat and narrow range - it does not behave itself.

The main economic indicators

Evaluation of current events, news and events, as well as assessing the economic situation in the country is the leading economic forex indicator, which is successfully applied by participants in the foreign exchange market, analyzing and making forecasts.

Moving Averages

For many potential market participants and web users, forex trading is a profitable occupation: the method by which you can work and receive a stable income.

Fundamental analysis when investing in Forex

Fundamental analysis allows us to take into account the stability of the political system of the state, which can have the most significant impact on the economy and currency.

The participants of the Forex market

A significant volume of foreign exchange transactions accounted for the interbank market where transactions take place through electronic transfers. A large share of foreign currency trading accounted for by such banks.


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