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The 4 Most Crucial «D» in Forex Trading

What Are the 4 «D» in Forex Trading?

Liquidity and potential

Liquidity in the forex market is a kind of opportunity for a relatively short period to buy or sell a financial instrument or asset at its present value.

Short-term and Long-term trading

Trading by professionals does not involve spontaneous steps or rash actions, which are based on only emotional impulses: that's why entering the market, as well as getting out of it, should be taken seriously, with analysis and include reason, as the forex market does not encourage work on "lucky."

How to make money on Forex without investing

The average return on PAMM accounts leaves 200% per annum. When using investments, this amount can be raised to 300%. If you choose aggressive trading during the week, you can increase the deposit by 20-100%. Everyone knows that the Forex market allows you to earn good money.

Bulls and Bears

Since the eighteenth century, traders began to call themselves «bulls» and «bears»

Types of charts on Forex

The player actively and widely applies graphics as a means for conducting a technical analysis of the market, for forecasting and making correct trading decisions.

Fibonacci channel

Technical analysis in combination with Fibonacci levels is a convenient way to predict price movement

Strategies for analyzing the ratio

The positions of large traders affect the spurt, demonstrating it on the chart.

Indicator and Oscillator

For a beginner forex trader, using a trend group of indicators helps to distinguish the direction of the exchange, at the moment. This is important because a beginner really can not cope with this task without the help of a special tool.

Teaching methods

Regardless of this or that option, any novice trader should understand that theory without the practice of cheese, as well as effective practice, is impossible without a strong theoretical basis.


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