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Expert Advisors on Forex

    A characteristic weakness of such a group of experts is flat - the state of the exchange when the price starts to cling to both purchased orders above and below the price.

Forex discipline concept

Having discovered a rather interesting trend for themselves, many players instantly and unjustifiably decide to buy.

Warrant boundaries

Among the warrant boundaries, the most utilized are affectability, theta, delta, characteristic worth, warrant on benefit/misfortune, and viable influence.

Sniper Forex strategy

Trading on the strategy Sniper is carried out within a day, and it is advisable to trade on time intervals M1 and M5.

OSMA indicator

Practical experience shows that modern developments of oscillators act as determinants: they point us to a divergence.

Cryptocurrency mining

Satoshi Nakamoto is an ideological creator and inspirer, the very famous creator of bitcoins, without knowing it, made a kind of revolution in the world of financial payments.


Ethereum was dispatched in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a digital currency analyst and developer.

What is Forex

These are the exchanges that the financial backers make in the Forex market just to benefit from the ascent and fall in costs. In the current circumstance, both in Turkey and on the planet, exchanges are by and large completed for speculative purposes in the Forex market.

The Mask Forex strategy

The strategy called Mask refers to the category of watch tactics, and stands out among the rest with a high level of effectiveness.

Silver trading on Forex

If the silver market is bullish, we can see silver's leadership relative to gold, which manifests itself in growth: this allows players to get very high returns, while the bearish tendency to talk about strong losses.


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