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MACD Indicator

Traders use it to confirm who is in control of the market and to locate entry and exit points on their trades.

Fundamental and technical analysis

This article will give traders a fundamental view and technical analysis of some major economies

Fallacies of trading fundamentals

Financial news sources often report outdated information


Invest what you can afford to lose.

Sentiment analysis

The herd mentality is not limited to real-life situations only but it also applies to all kinds of markets.

Day trading

The strategy seeks to take advantage of the volatility that usually arises after this kind of candlestick formation

The bond markets

ETFs track the performance of an index and are better than Bond mutual funds because they are more liquid but more expensive.


A call option gives the buyer the right to purchase a stock at an agreed price before maturity.

Introduction to Forex

The transitioning of the world monetary system from the gold standard to the free-floating Forex markets was implemented without a glitch.

Environmental Social Governance

During the marketing and underwriting processes, they are partially targeting ESG investors


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