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Methods of technical analysis

The technical methodology is based on the study of past price behavior: based on the analysis of previous indicators, conclusions are drawn about future forecasts and possible price directions.

Trend pairs

The main thing is to choose a suitable session and favorable conditions for trading.

Point at Forex

Currency quotes are the parameters, the coefficients of the relationship of prices: one currency to another. They are presented in the form of numbers.

Features of currency pairs

And experts and market professionals recommend all novice traders, to start with one tool.

Adding positions

Opening the first position, the trader suddenly discovers that the trend is moving in the right direction.

Correctly read Forex charts

Replenishing your knowledge and learning to understand forex charts correctly, the trader will definitely be easier, his transition from theory to practice will not be so tangible, and it will be much easier and easier for him to practice on both the demo and the real account.

Indicator and Oscillator

For a beginner forex trader, using a trend group of indicators helps to distinguish the direction of the exchange, at the moment. This is important, because for a beginner really can not cope with this task without the help of a special tool.

One day or intraday trading

Most currency pairs with a high spread can not be used for trading in one day.

Rebate services on forex

In the case of opening a partner account, and further profit making, withdrawing funds in the future can be a problem: withdrawal of funds directly from the account of the service is often impossible. This is due to the fact that for one trader you can open only one account, it must fulfill the conditions for obtaining a rebate, and many unscrupulous service employees, referring to this rule, are not able to pay money.

Factors exchange rates

Aspects that affect exchange rates are usually news reports, which are submitted in the form of advertisements in the media.


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