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Anti Profitunity

Bill Williams is the author of not only market systems, but also a developer of his indicators.

Chaikin Oscillator 

It was thanks to the development of professionals, their knowledge and analytical mindset that Chaikin was able to develop a very effective and profitable tool that repeatedly proves its effectiveness in practice.

Elliott Waves

We can easily divide the wave movement into smaller parts, that is, any movement repeats itself, but on different scales and boundaries.

HA30 system

The most effective and acceptable result for the trader is the system provides on the trend currency pairs - AUD / USD, EUR / USD.


After all, each source of forex literature is a storehouse of knowledge, and each book on stock trading is an effective resource by which you can learn the market more closely and highlight significant moments from the abundance of information and data.

Double top and double bottom

The graphic formation Double top / double bottom is a frequent occurrence. By its nature, the pattern is the reversal, so a player needs to know how to enter the market when forming a formation, and how to correctly place orders (stop-loss) and designate goals.

Investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is characterized by decentralization: there is no single center - a zone where bitcoins or other digital funds are issued. In other words, no power, financial structure, or court can control the use of cryptocurrency: thus, digital currency transactions occur with irreversibility.

Ichimoku Indicator

Experts believe that the best results, the indicator Ichimoku demonstrate at day or week intervals, and on the contrary in a state of flat and narrow range - it does not behave itself.

Documents forex trader

The trading plan is a kind of card: it is equipped with all pointers and tips, can give answers to questions.


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