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Types of orders

For the buy stop order to be executed and triggered, the condition must be met. Namely, to the price of Ask equalled, or was more than the price, which is specified in this application


A contract for a price difference is a derivative. It is calculated based on the underlying real stock, product or index.

The main economic indicators

Evaluation of current events, news and events, as well as assessing the economic situation in the country is the leading economic forex indicator, which is successfully applied by participants in the foreign exchange market, analyzing and making forecasts.

Oil markets on the foreign exchange market

Analysts are perplexed: their points of view do not coincide with oil prices, their directions and fluctuations.

Mechanical trading systems on Forex

Mechanical systems in the forex currency market are different: they all differ in characteristics, among which distinguish the actions of the robot (program) when the trend changes, as well as during the active price movements on the exchange.

Sharpe's ratio

At Forex, there is a well-known, in the circles of analysts and a financier, parameter is the Sharpe ratio. This ratio was derived by Nobel laureate, scientist economist William Sharpe.

International currency market forex

Thanks to the impressive volumes of trades and good liquidity, traders who work within a day, choosing certain tools for trading, can fairly well implement their tactics, getting a good profit from transactions.

Copying transactions

Trade on the basis of copying transactions does not require the constant presence of the player behind the terminal, its total control and operation do not depend on the inclusion of the terminal.

Grid systems

Choosing an instrument, it is worth carefully evaluate all the properties of the pair - its liquidity and the level of volatility.

Carry Trade

As long as the level of return on a more profitable currency remains at a stable limit, you can apply this tactic and earn, just before the indicator on profitability does not lose its positions, a relatively less profitable instrument.


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