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How to determine market sentiment?

To act so that with each decision taken at the exchange, the player's position becomes better: you need to constantly measure the situation on the market.

Price Action

Trading in the method of Price Action, a trader should pay attention not only to enter the stock exchange but also to evaluate when it is concrete to make a closing position.


To calculate the level of volatility of the sector, we use, in calculations, the exponentially weighted moving average-EWMA.

How to make money on forex newbie

The trader simply needs to be able to understand the intricacies of technical analytics, to choose the right tactics, on which the outcome depends.

Forex Cycles

Despite all the advantages of technical analysis on Forex, a trader is faced with the fact that he cannot determine the exact time: when exactly important events on the exchange will be formed.

Cryptocurrency in a bubble state

For example, the price of the air in the first quarter of 2016 increased 15-fold, from the mark of $ 70 million, reaching $ 1 billion and even stepping over for it.

Tool for a forex trader

Therefore, such an important and necessary condition is that the Stop Loss will be able to save the trader from large financial losses if, after the transaction, the tendency turns back to the upward trend.

Trend Focus - trend indicator

Determine the direction of the trend, to make a profit, the main task of any trader


Trading Analytics

Be one step ahead of the market

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